San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds Preview

San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds Preview

The Chargers and Chiefs will star in their own opener facing two teams going in two different directions. This article explains my feelings about this opener, and there is a look at why I believe both the Chiefs and the Chargers are in position this season to take what most believe is their chosen path. The Chiefs are primed and ready, but the Chargers are not.

#1: The Chargers Are A Train Wreck

The simple fact is that the Chargers were not able to sign Joey Bosa in a timely manner. No one is sure what part Bosa played in the negotiations, but it was clear that he treated the Chargers as a hostile witness. He chose to treat the Chargers as a team that would cause him problems, and he chose to force the team to give him as much money as possible. He will take that money and live quite a lifestyle, but the Chargers will not function properly as an organization because they have been proven to not be trustworthy.

#2: The Chiefs Are A Solid Franchise

The Chiefs are a very solid franchise with Andy Reid as their coach, and Alex Smith has become a franchise quarterback who may steer the team until his is 40. The team is good enough to win 10 or 11 games, and they will likely start by defeating the Chargers. A team that is not in turmoil and has a very good owner is far and away better than a team with a bad owner and bad management.

#3: Phillip Rivers Cannot Change The Chargers

Phillip Rivers will be a very good quarterback for a long time, but he will not turn around the Chargers on his own. He is not strong enough to force the Charger to be better given how poorly they have been run, and now the defensive player who could have turned around the defense does not even want to play for the team. The issue there is that the Chargers are low on talent and trust. The fans in San Diego are not patient anymore, and the clock may be ticking on a player who has not yet won a championship and hardly come close.

#4: The Chiefs Are Looking To Improve

The Chiefs are looking to improve on last season when they were within a few plays of being in contention to go to the Super Bowl. They simply had a bad postseason, but they will now have the opportunity to start over as a new team. They understand what must be done to win in the postseason, and they will show their increased knowledge when they begin play in the new year. Look for the Chiefs to be more resolute in their play as they face off against every team this season.

The Chiefs will handily defeat the Chargers to open the season, and they may well keep up that streak of winning for some time. The Chargers will begin struggling in week one, and they may not stop as the Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos pass them in the division.