Best Head Coaches in Kansas City Chiefs History

Best Head Coaches in Kansas City Chiefs History

In 1963, the Kansas City Chiefs team was founded in Dallas Texas as part of the AFL, and named the Texans. In 1960, the NFL started the Dallas Cowboys. Then in 1970 the AFL and NFL merged, and the Texans became part of the NFL. Having two NFL teams in Dallas was too much, so eventually the Texans (Chiefs) had to relocate. Owner Lamar Hunt moved the team to Kansas City, where Mayor H. Roe Bartle was instrumental in helping to establish the team. Bartle was so helpful, the team took on his nickname of Chief and became the Kansas City Chiefs.

Over the team’s long history there have been many head coaches, not very surprising considering how long they have been around. Of those few coaches, less than half are considered to have been good for the team. Below I have listed how I think the coaches rank from first to fifth for the Kansas City Chiefs History.

The first coach for the Chiefs was Hank Stram, who started with the team in 1960, while they were part of the AFL. Coach Stram took the Chiefs all the way to a Super Bowl Championship, as well as two AFL Championships before the team moved to the NFL.

Marty Schottenheimer coached the Chiefs from 1989-1998, and he only posted one losing record in his final season with the team. Coach Schottenheimer had an impressive career with the Chiefs, leading them to seven playoff games, three division titles, and the 1994 AFC Championship.

Andy Reid began coaching the Chiefs in 2013 and is presently still the Chiefs head coach. He wasted no time leading the team to their first playoff since 2010 and has worked hard to bring top talent to the team. Reid has already shown that he is a strong leader for the team, and only time will tell if he will surpass Schottenheimer or Stram.

Dick Vermeil came out of retirement in 2001 to become the head coach of the Chiefs and stayed until 2005. In 2003, Vermeil led the team to the playoffs, and an AFC West win. Vermeil’s drawback while coaching the Chiefs was that he never managed to put together a strong defensive line. Vermeil retired in 2005, but still lives in Kansas City, and appears publicly to talk about the team.

Gunther Cunningham was the Kansas City Chiefs head coach for only two seasons, and they didn’t go very well. Prior to being made the Chiefs head coach, Cunningham was the defensive coordinator for four seasons. He almost led the team to a win in the playoffs, but they were eliminated on the last day. Cunningham was fired in 2000, and never became head coach of another team. However, he did come back as the Chief’s defensive coordinator in 2004, and in 2009 joined the Detroit Lions to fill the same position.

The following are the records of all five of the best coaches for the Kansas City Chiefs. You can compare and see why I placed them in the order I have. I hope Andy Reid can take the Chiefs to a Super Bowl Championship and move to the top of the ranks.

Hank Stram,
Overall record: 124-76
Division titles: 4
Championships: 2
Playoff record: 5-3

Marty Schottenheimer,
Overall record: 101-58
Division titles: 3
Playoff record: 3-7

Andy Reid,
Overall record: 31-17
Division Titles: 0
Playoff Record: 1-2

Dick Vermeil,
Selected as NFL Coach of the Year in 2003.
Overall record: 44-36
Division Titles: 1 (2003)
Playoff Record: 0-1

Gunther Cunningham,
Overall record: 16-16
Division titles: 0
Playoff record: 0-0